What have I ordered recently & would I recommend it:

Here are a list of websites that I have bought stuff from recently & what I bought, also things & people I am following:

I have also been looking into Internet Marketing & have discovered a guy who seems to be on a journey into it, (affiliate marketing is another way it’s described). I have signed up to his blogcomments to find out more - NigelGriffithsOnline/Blog

Yacon Syrup – A new weight loss phenomena brought to the mass media by Dr.Oz. More can be found HERE (my own little article) or go to this website – YaconReviewed.com or YaconExpert.com to find out exactly – What Is Yacon?

SnoreWizard – A fantastic anti snoring device – So good I have done a YouTube review - http://youtu.be/BZspd4fzPVU

Idol Lash (my wife bought) – An eyelash enhancer –  http://idollashhelp.com

Venapro – A Hemorrhoid Relief system – http://venaprohelp.org

Virility EX – A Male Enhancement Pill with additional benefits – http://virilityexhelp.com

Natural Body Defense – A supplement that helps with controlling inflammationhttp://naturalbodydefensereview.com

Best TV Online – This was a TV blog…it is now aimed at ‘As Seen On TV’ reviews on the Net.

VangoUK - A removals website.

An awesome little website that sells Sound Deadening Kits for VW Vans, they really are superb & make such a difference. They can be found here – VW T4 & T5 Sound Deadening & Insulation Kits

Things that I have read recently that have been interesting:

Bamboo Blog – A blog about all sorts of things, just getting started.

BitesizeBulletin – A great collection of stuff….all in little bitesize pieces! No punches pulled!


Yep. I am not embarrassed to say, I know a lot about snoring.

I’ve been at a professional level of snoring for many many years. I have had numerous sleep studies, camera investigations etc.

I have tried untold number of devices, nasal spays……& I am afraid to have to report that most of them are crap!! Sorry, but it’s true.

They all ‘Talk the Talk’, but when you get down to using them, they are a waste of money!

BUT….I have now found the solution after many many years of trying & was pointed in the right direction by THE top NHS ENT consultant. What a top man.

And ironically, the device is one of the cheaper & simplest I have tried. I have found a Co that have a link to a sales page where you can get the device cheaper than you can direct from the Co  - Click This Link To Be Taken To The Discounted Page

This is what the device looks like:


Their are 2 websites that I have found which have access to the 2 devices that I use & do work.

SleepingDen.com - This is the one that I use all the time

UninteruptedSleep.com - This is one that moves your tongue forward. I use this when I am not using the one above.

There is another site that has a ‘Chin Strap’, but I have never tried it so can’t comment on it but have heard it does work for some people (maybe worth making a note of the money back guarantee timescale) – SleepSafeHouse.com

And that is it…..just a short, to the point post about a subject that I know a lot about. To finish, here is an amusing video related to snoring! Well, we can’t take everything too seriously can we!!

Here is a testimonial I have found for the above snoring device:

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Yacon is a new weight loss diet that appeared on the Dr Oz Show. Yacon is a naturally found root which a syrup/molasses can be extracted. It has been touted as a ‘Metabolism Game Changer’.

Taking just 1 spoonful before every meal is supposed to give great weight loss benefits.

Quotes about taking this supplement:

significant decrease in body weight, waist circumference and body mass index”

The wonder of this is that in theory nothing else is required. No diet as such.

Here is the video about it on Dr.Oz:

If you want to find out more, I found this website that is pretty useful – YaconReviewed.com

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